The University of Jember is Preparing Space in Herbal Medicine Industry

Jember, 7 April 2014

Moringa, Orthosiphon aristatus, ginger, green chiretta and many others are now of collection of The University of Jember medicinal herbal display, which is located in Jubung, Jember, around 7 kilometers from Tegalboto campus. UPT Agrotechnopark is now managing a land area of 13 hectares to be developed, and one of them is the development of herbal medicine plants.

In the middle of his visit, The University of Jember Rector Drs. Moh. Hasan said that the medicinal herbal plants which will be built on an area of 1 hectare, is the display of several herbal plants. According to him, the display will later be used as educational facility for public, especially The University of Jember community members. The rector stated that the area can be the facility for field practicum or knowledge development concerning herbal medicines. Besides, the area later can also be the centre for developing and processing herbal medicine industry. “The establishment of this herbal area is the first step towards herbal medicine industrialization which is in line with The University of Jember’s vision concerning the development of industrial agriculture in wider perspective” he said.

Head of UPT Agrotechnopark, Ir. Arie Mudjiharjati, M.S said that there is a 13-hectare land which will be managed and developed. According to her, the land will be divided into 3 clusters; educational ecotourism, training center and agro-industry. Arie pointed out that the development of agro-industry especially medicinal herbal production will increase the production of medicinal herbals which have previously been developed by Pharmacy Faculty, The University of Jember.

“Now medicinal herbal industry has been being developed by the Pharmacy Faculty, The University of Jember and already has owned products with license from the Health Department, so they already have trade mark“ said Arie. The design of herbal plant garden will be in shape of 3 tobacco leaves. Until now there is still one garden done and overall will be projected to finish in 2015. The medicinal herbal garden will be equipped with buildings for production and medicinal herbal packaging. “More than 100 species of our medicinal herbal plants will be ready to complete the collection of the three parks, and we also cooperate with Research and Development Center on Herbal Plants for future development” said Arie.

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