Unej Shares Teaching Experience (UJAR) at National Level

Jember, April 8, 2014

Unej Mengajar (Unej Teaching/Ujar) again took part in national competition. After performing in education innovation conference in Turkey and joining Young Change Makers Ashoka Indonesia, now Unej Mengajar (Ujar) again received an invitation to join Social Entrepreneur Camp II Dompet Dhuafa (Wallet Dhuafa).
Social Entrepreneur Camp is one of programs held by Wallet Dhuafa Republika. The purpose of organizing the event is to bring together social entrepreneurs in national scope for establishing a mutual network and synergy. The event held on 28-31 March 2014 and located in the Nutrition Training Center of Health Department, Bogor, West Java, was attended by hundreds of participants. They are generally change-driving youths.
“Alhamdulillah (Thank God) we were invited to represent UNEJ Mengajar to follow the camp for 4 days in addition to presenting the process of pioneering Unej Mengajar (Ujar) to the present time, including the sustainability of the runt program.” Said Co. Founder Unej Mengajar Mohammad Abdul Aziz.
According to Aziz, the event was also filled with a visit to socio entrepreneurs which are already successful and growing in Bogor, that is, Sekolah Alam (Nature School) Bogor and Sangkuriang catfish farmers. “Of the hundreds of applicants, Ujar was qualified for the interview stage which took 65 participants, and later successfully passed to be one of the 35 nominees for presentation and following the training in the Social Entrepreneur Camp” said Aziz (Mj)

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