The 3rd International Conference on Economics, Business and Accounting Studies ICEBAST



International Conference on Economics, Business, and Accounting Studies (ICEBAST)
Multimedia Room, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Jember

November, 24th – 25th, 2017

Over the past three decades, globalization has significantly accelerated the dynamic of the global economy and even borderless countries. The dynamic global economy occurs not only in the flow of trade of goods and service but also in the investment, business, financial system, human capital and social mobility, as well as technology. This rapidly growing activities are providing new opportunities to engage in an inclusive global economy.

However, many developed countries are experiencing slow economic growth. It is reflected in their weak output and investment, which can decrease productivity, innovation and competitiveness in the global market. While the economy is growing in emerging countries, they are also facing the inequality in development, social cohesion, demographic pressure, climate change, and technology. Consequently, this brings new challenges to improve the instrument of policy, to maximize the synergies to face globalization, and to achieve greater prosperity.

Hence, it is important and relevant to explore issues, problems, and policies in global economic challenges. The 3rd International Conference on Economics, Business and Accounting Studies (ICEBAST) invites the policy maker, academicians, business manager, researcher, and students to discuss and to explore in depth the ways to achieve inclusive global economy. We invite papers with the theme “Social Cohesion, Public Policy Reformation, and Market Integration towards Inclusive Global Economy”. The papers may include the following sub-theme, though not limited to them.

Conference Main Track are as follows:

1.Government and Economic Resiliency and Accountability

2.Agriculture Economics

3.Environmental and Sustainable Economic Development

4.Industrial Economics and Social Welfare

5.Infrastructure and Tourism

6.Corruption and Economic Crime

7.Financial Inclusion (Financial Institution, Accounting and Taxes)

8.Financial Technology

9.Business Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

10.Macroprudential and Microprudential (Financial System Stability)

11.Human Capital Development

12.Business Analytic and Management Accounting in Digital World

13.International Trade, Investment, and Economic Integration

14.Islamic Economics

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Last day of conference November 25, 2017
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Pre-Conference:Training of research methods and publications:

1.Forecasting and dynamic panel model

2.The experimental method

3.Training of international  journal submissions

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