Summer Conference 2017: Human Rights Issues in Southeast Asia


Call for Papers
Summer Conference
“Human Rights in Southeast Asia: Are We Moving Backward?”
11-13 August 2017
The Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism and Migration (CHRM2)
University of Jember, Indonesia

Human rights discourses in Southeast Asia are very dynamic and challenging due to a complex reality of culture, law, and politics in Southeast Asia. This social landscape often results in different acknowledgment and implementation of the rights of the people in Southeast Asia countries. In one hand, there are some countries in Southeast Asia that have amended their constitutions to protect their citizen rights and to internalise international human rights instruments. Yet, they have still struggled to fully implement international human rights norms due to legal, political, economic, religious, and social contexts. On the other hand, some other countries have still practiced authoritarianism on behalf of preserving national stability and economic development, restricted a particular right of their citizen and discriminated against them to preserve harmony within society, as well as applied religious norms which in some occasions result in inequality for individual as well as a group of people.

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