FTP Students from The University of Jember are Studying Overseas

Jember, 17 Maret 2014

Faculty of Agriculture from The University of Jember sent their four students overseas. This is an implementation of the FTP academic cooperation with several universities outside the country. Dr.Yuli Witono STP., M.P. directly departed four students in conjunction with the depart of 65 judiciums wherein three students obtain cum-laude.

Sabrina Ariandhani and Ayu Mayzuhroh will be dispatched to the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RNUTT) on 28 March 2014 in Thailand. Afan Bagus will be heading to the Kyungpook National University (KNU) South Korea. The three students will conduct research at their own assigned place in around 5 months, while Rosyid Ridho will leave for Hiroshima, Japan to conduct a scientific presentation for four days.

At the farewell event, Dr. Yuli expressed the depart of 3 students to KNU and RNUTT is a form from the MoU implementation made last year. With the current agreement made, not only FTP (Faculty of Agriculture Technology) able to conduct research together at the agreed university but also able to take classes which have been approved by the curriculum existed at FTP.

According to Dr. Yuli, that the consignment of students overseas on joint research is  the first thing ever done. The joint research program will provide international insight for students. Yuli further explained, FTP now continue to accelerate on academic achievement hoping that it will later able to stand equal towards campuses with similarity across Indonesia.

“The joint research program will give its own distinctive experience and able to increase high self confidence as well as a path to open up other collaboration so we can obtain a great academic results,” said Yuli

 Ayu Mayzuhroh could not believe that she was elected representing to Thailand. She was able to upset several of her friends in a very tight competition. Beside having a good english the academic result must also above average, else you will also need to conduct an initial research which then needed to be perfected in Thailand. “I almost couldn’t believe that me and Sabrina was chosen, Alhamdulillah,” she said with a glimmering eyes.

Sabrina’s mother also admitted that she was really happy that her son was selected as one of the student to go to Thailand. Dian claimed that she will fully support related to the academic concerns that will be needed. “my husband and me feeling really gratefull as our children was selected and we will fully support it,”she said. (Mj/Aj)

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