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Anggi, Gelar Special Care Program Untuk Anak Autis  Di Chongqing, China

 Jember, 9 Januari 2017

Anggi2Anggi Sulistyani, mahasiswi Program Studi Ilmu Keperawatan Universitas Jember berkesempatan mengikuti program Global Citizen 2016 yang diselenggarakan oleh AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales). Dalam program ini, Anggi berkesempatan mengikuti GCDS, Global Citizen Development Seminar yang diikuti oleh perwakilan mahasiswa dari berbagai negara, dan melaksanakan Special Care program bagi anak yang emmiliki kebutuhan khusus. Berikut pengalaman Anggi yang dituangkan dalam Bahasa Inggris.

My name is Anggi Sulistiyani. You can call me Anggi. I’m from Indonesia, and studi in Nursing Science of Jember Universitiy. 9th July 2016 is the first im in Chongqing, China. I’m arrived in Chongqing at 23.50 time of china. Indonesia and China have different time one hour. I go to China by airplane from Juanda Airport, when im transit in Malaysia i met my friend who had the same project  with me. After arrived we go to hotel and stay for one night. My new day is my new adventure. My project start from 10 July 2016 but i must go to Guangzhou to go to GCDS. We go  to Guangzhou in 11 July by train and its need 30 hours. GCDS held from 13 July until 15 July 2016.

GCDS is Global Citizen Development Seminar. The participants came from the world like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Piliphina, Thailand, Egypt, Rusian, India, Spain, Germany, Ethiophia, Taiwan, Canada, China, England, Italia and the other country. GCDS start from 9 am after breakfast until 11 pm. In here we studied about work team, manage the time leadership development, culture shock, self discovery, and in the end of there is a global village. We must show our country and performance the traditional thing from our country. I have so many experience here, i met a lot of people from the world and we are a family here. Global village held in outdoor, the place have a lot of old buldings, not only global villlage but also we have a chance to go to some old buildings here. It means we show our country and we know the country where we are go.

After GCDS in Guangzhou i back to Chongqing and do my project. My project name is Special Care which teach the autism children and mentally disadvantage in Rongzhi Special School . We teach the children from Monday until Friday 9 am until 5 pm time of China. I teach the children how to say a number from 1 until 10, how to say the price and money, how to drawing, how to dicipline, gymnastic, how to writing, and play the puzzle. I think the lesson in this school is so easy for normal children, but it is so difficult for autism and mental disadvantage children. I have many experience here, because there are some difficult things and we must be more patient to teach the children. They are hit me, when im sit down near of them, and walked. But not only hit, but they can hug me and sometimes they slept in my  thigh. First i felt afraid with them because i never met the autism childdren in Indonesia, but in this chance i have a lot of chance to change my behavior and my opinion about them. Besides that i do survey in local people about a knowledge of autism children and the did not know about that.

When i’m in Chongqing, China i go to the place with subway and there is a card to take the subway. Honestly this is my first time go to China and i dont know about the culture, the food, the people, and the environment. I say thank you fo AIESEC because give me the chance to be brave to do something. After i doing my project i feel that my behavior is change better than before, and i have a lot of experience. Finally i found my self. I found what i need, what i have to choose. Meet other guys with different point of views. I have gained leadership, a new family. So blessed to be a part of something bigger in this world. This meaningful experience for me. I will won’t stop leaving a legacy. I won’t stop making a new adventure in my life. And most of all i won’t stop sharing my experience to the other. Make an impact even with small conversations i have with the people i meet. Thank you so much. Congqing, China so great. I want be back!

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