Confused with Tax? Just Come to The Tax center at The University of Jember FISIP’s Taxation Diploma

Jember, 1 April 2014

30 April 2014 is the dateline for the submission of annual taxation notification (SPT) for the annual tax through e-filling, henceforth not all taxpayers understand how to use this facility. This was delivered by Basofi Ali Mashuri on Tuesday Noon, who was in the middle of helping The University of Jember’s workers in filling Tax SPT through the facility of E-Filling at The University of Jember Tax Centre in Diploma of Taxation FISIP.

“With the facility of E-Filling provided by the Directorate General of Taxation, they don’t bother need to queue. This can be done anywhere and at anytime,” explained by Basofi whom on that afternoon was assisted with 4 of his colleagues from The University of Jember Diploma of Taxation at FISIP

Basofi and his colleagues activities increased during the times of Annual Tax filling like this. There are 10 to 15 people daily who came to consult concerning filling this annual SPT taxation. Not only it is to serve taxpayers who came to the Tax Center, but Basofi and his colleagues often were invited to serveral institutions or unit of works to help filling the SPT Annual Taxation and serve as tax consultants. “Last Friday (28/3) we serve The University of Jember Technic Faculty” said by Basofi. For your information, Tax Center at FISIP’s Diploma of Taxation at The University of Jember was opened since November 2013 last year and is located at the University of Jember Campus Center.

The presence of Tax Center Program of University of Jember FISIP Diploma of Taxation else than as tax laboratorium for students, it is also as a form of  community service. “In giving consultation service at Faculty of Technic, we help to give solution in filling SPT Annual Tax for students who are in the middle of continuing their study overseas, and  E-Filling is the way,” said Basofi.

Not only it’s compulsory for indivudual taxpayers, but there are many tax organization who also utilize the presence of Tax Center. “As for Tax organization what usually is asked on Tax is concerning tax in a form of CV,’ Said Inggrid Juwitasari, one of the students who was assigned in duty. “Our hope is is so that more people know about the presence of this Tax Center and utilize its services,’ said Inggrid Juwitasari who sits in fourth semester.(Mj/Aj)

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