Dissecting Village Potential through Working Experience

Jember, 24 Maret 2014

The assignation of students through field working experience in several sub-districts in Jember evidently had proven effective in extracting existing potential. Many reports entering LPM (Institute Community Service) primarily on agriculture that was need to be developed, clearly becoming evidence on this matter.

This is corresponds well with one of The University of Jember’s vision in order to create an advance agriculture industry which continues on developing the agriculture towards industrial sectors. Drs. Moh. Hasan, MSc., PhD as the Rector of University of Jember admitted that “There had been many reports which came in to us concerning Jember’s agriculture potential which varies and needed to be taken into accounts (follow up)”stated by the rector in amidst of his visit at one of the locals farmer  land owned at the fostered Gumukmas districts. (19/03)

The LPM secretary, Drs. Anwar M.Si extended that one of the main duties of LPM is to follow up the potency findings coming from students while they were doing their work experience at a certain assigned place. “A study was conducted toward those findings that came in, henceforth when they’re needed to be developed we can aid and give training through appropriate utilization of equipment,” he said.

In advance, Drs. Anwar explained the roles of the institute; in this case, the role of The University of Jember’s LPM, later will be capable in increasing the farmer’s productivities.  Through the roles of LPM, we expected that farmers of Jember, especially those fruit farmers, are capable to meet their own needs, so it can dwindles the presence of import fruits. Mr. Anwar added, “With the existence of LPM we hope that it can increase agriculture productivity especially those primer needs so that Jember’s farmers later can become masters on their beloved soil”.

Anwar hoped that Jember would be able to self-support for the need of primary needs and fruits. According to him, Jember has a big potency towards that aim and more over is able to meet the needs of other areas. “LPM hoped that they can  also formulate local strategies in order to give contribution of ideas, formulating policies and mapping farmer’s potencies so farmers can become more productive.” He said.

Management and Development Program of Working Experience Head, Dr. Hidayat Teguh Wiyono, stated that UNEJ has the technology to increase agricultural productivities. The technology could stimulate trees to bloom before its time, with that kind of technology farmer can arrange their harvest schedule according to their will. “Using our research, today farmer can arrange their harvest schedule,” he said.

Aside from stimulating flowers outside its season, Teguh also said that organic manure produced by The University of Jember able to increase soil’s fertility and yields.  “Our organic manure also best to increase yields and help farmers in need,” he said. Right now UNEJ is collaborating with DISPERINDAG. (Mj/Aj)

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